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Integrative Breathwork

Welcome to the journey of Self Discovery...
Breathe Into Healing and Heal into Wholeness

Soul Based Psychology


"One who knows all but is lacking in oneself is utterly lacking."

Gospel of Thomas

There is nothing more fascinating than awakening to your True Self. Sometimes the chaotic world we live in tends to take over our lives and we lose connection with our true nature. We tend to feel a longing deep inside and what we are truly longing for is the path to self knowledge. We can no longer look outside of ourselves for the answers. Our purpose is to surrender to the heart and re-member who we truly are.

If there is something deep within that has been gently nudging you to find a deeper meaning in life, move beyond the pain of addictions, confusion, and heartache, then the practice of Integrative Breathwork and Soul Based Psychology are methods to unlocking the mind and accessing the power of your divine inner healer. The Soul speaks to us through symbol and metaphor and gives us a much larger perspective of who we are and why we are here on this planet. This method is an alternative or an adjunct to "talk therapy" that functions at the deeper level of the unconscious mind and is an accelerated path to revealing your truth. This work is based on the Consciousness Research of Stan Grof ( and the extended work of Jacquelyn Small ( ) in the field of Soul Based Psychology.

Soul Based Psychology


Integrative Breathwork and Soul Based Psychology may benefit...

Those seeking:
Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Growth

Those experiencing:

•Blocked Creativity
•Loss of Meaning and Purpose
•Patterns of Addiction
•Stress and Burnout
•Feelings of Worthlessness
•Sexual Dysfunction
•Repressed Trauma
•Relationship Issues
•Eating Disorders
•Critical Life Transitions

Soul Based Psychology


To learn more about Integrative Breathwork and Soul Based Psychology or to enroll in one of our workshops please contact us now.

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